Presidential Firestorm Is A Long Time Coming

Dick Baynton
Dick Baynton

You can fool some of the people all of the time, you can even fool all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all the time. These words were uttered by President Abraham Lincoln, one the most revered politicians and Presidents in the history of our great country. This immortal dictum typifies the incessant strategy of personal destruction and creative chronicling of past events doled out by the present administration. Critics of policies and strategies advanced by President Obama and his advocates face the specter of a torrent of innuendo and pernicious criticism.

During the 2012 campaign, Romney was accused of ‘hiding’ money in offshore locations such as the Cayman Islands. It turns out that Jack Lew, the new Secretary of the Treasury had stored money in the Cayman Islands, but that ‘flaw’ in his resume was overlooked. General Electric with 2012 sales of $147.4 billion has $108 billion ‘permanently reinvested’ in overseas accounts according to a Wall Street Journal report. Jeffrey Immelt, Chief Executive of GE is also Chairman of the President’s Job Council. Sixty major U.S. companies hold funds offshore, the largest being GE followed by Pfizer with $73 billion, Microsoft, Merck and Johnson and Johnson with more than $40 billion each.

The President and the Attorney General knew nothing about the IRS delaying tactics of conservative political group applications since 2010. Neither the President nor the Attorney General knew about seizure of Associated Press documents or phone calls. These same officials were unaware of the ‘Fast and Furious’ gunrunning debacle! Unless you are naïve or apathetic toward past and ongoing political events, you must be biting your fingernails if you voted for the current White House occupant.

The conclusions that should be drawn are these: If these men sincerely, honestly didn’t know about important activities and were out of touch with those under their direction, they are shirking their duties and unqualified for the positions they hold. And if they knew about these activities and chose not to report and squelch them instantly, they are guilty of malfeasance or worse and should resign or be removed from their respective offices.

The IRS investigations and delays in processing tax exemption approvals for Tea Party and other conservative groups an average of 574 days is an abomination! It had to be more than coincidence that these delays were during the Presidential campaign and election period. It appears that the voters reelected a candidate who is an adroit campaigner but is devoid of accountability and governing skills.

The President assured us the attackers that initiated the September 2012 Benghazi raid and killed four U.S. Citizens would be tracked down and brought to justice. That was eight months ago and we have seen no perceptible progress in the investigation. Records show that Mr. Obama and other officials including Secretary of State Hillary Clinton knew terrorists executed the embassy attack. Was this information withheld from the public because the President had been assuring us that Al Queda was ‘on the run?’ Who at the pinnacle of power in Washington told available mobile security units to ‘stand down’ to ease public concern about terrorism that supposedly no longer existed?

These events raise crucial questions about the ability of this Commander-in-Chief to preside over the most extensive experiment in freedom and free enterprise for a sovereign nation in history.  Denials, diversionary ploys, blaming others and forsaking accountability weakens the fabric of government and undermines the confidence of those who elected Mr. Obama to the most profoundly influential office in the world.

Bluster and arrogant indignation may yield postponement but only truth will ensure eventual resolution and accountability.

– Dick Baynton