Goodlatte Presented With Spirit of Enterprise Award

Bob Goodlatte
Bob Goodlatte
Bob Goodlatte

Congressman Bob Goodlatte has been presented with the Spirit of Enterprise Award by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which recognized his support of pro-growth policies in the second session of the 112th Congress. Goodlatte said he was honored to receive the Spirit of Enterprise award.

“Pro-growth economic policies will help spur job creation in the Sixth District and across the nation,” said Goodlatte. “Trillion dollar budget deficits and new tax-and-spend policies in Washington will not encourage economic growth on Main Street. I remain committed to promoting legislation to balance the budget, reform the tax code, and reduce regulatory burdens that hinder small businesses in the United States.”

Thomas J. Donohue, President and CEO of the U.S. Chamber, noted: “In the face of high-stakes politics and difficult choices, Congressman Goodlatte provided America’s job creators with a strong voice in Congress. This award recognizes Congressman Goodlatte for consistently demonstrating his support for pro-growth policies.”

Joyce Waugh, President of the Roanoke Regional Chamber of Commerce, said: “The Spirit of Enterprise Award highlights the value and importance of what businesses do every day – create jobs, invest in our community, overcome daily challenges, and give back to the community.”

 The Chamber awards the “Spirit of Enterprise” based on rankings it gives members of Congress for “key votes” during each session of Congress. During the second session of the 112th Congress, the Chamber scored 12 House votes as “key votes,” including votes to repeal onerous Obamacare provisions and improve the process by which regulations are promulgated.