Ownership Transition at Martin Brothers Contracting Completed


 The ownership transition of MB Contractors, Inc. that began six years ago is officially complete as President Todd Morgan and Executive Vice President Mike Cagle acquired the remaining shares from CEO Jed Hammer on July 17.

Employees, clients, and business partners will see no change in day-to-day operations and dealings. “When Morgan and Cagle bought into the company in 2006,” says Hammer, “I began to slowly remove myself from daily operations as they took on more and more responsibility and have effectively been running the company for the past few years with me acting in more of a consulting role.”

An avid outdoorsman, Hammer plans to spend more time hunting and also with his family that includes a granddaughter and two new grandchildren who are expected before the end of the year.

Asked about their future vision for the company Morgan said, “This is an exciting time for everyone at MB Contractors as we are putting the finishing touches on 100 years in business and starting the foundation work for the next 100. Cagle reiterated that statement saying, “I am looking forward to working to continue the growth of MB Contractors and to build on our long history of providing excellence in construction for our clients and a great work environment for our employees.”