Orchestra Playing Year-End Crescendo

As the Roanoke Symphony Orchestra weathers the recent recession, it will finish the 2012 fiscal year in the black with continued public support through their new “Crescendo Campaign.” With the Crescendo Campaign, the RSO is seeking to increase its fundraising and sales revenues by 0,000 over the next five months.  In launching the campaign, the RSO has acknowledged the receipt of an anonymous contribution of 0,000 towards the goal.  The success of the Crescendo Campaign will place the organization in the black for FY 2012 and provide reserves to manage cash flow throughout the coming year.

“In order to continue to serve a growing audience with high quality programs and to educate young people in the Roanoke Valley, the RSO is coming to the community for support through the Crescendo Campaign,” says RSO Executive Director, Beth Pline. “With an annual budget of $1.7 million, the goal to raise the remaining $150,000 will push the RSO across the finish line and bridge the gap necessary for a balanced budget.”

Those who wish to help with the campaign can do so are urged to buy and enjoy RSO tickets, encourage businesses to become a corporate sponsor, make a foundation gift to the RSO or make a new, individual gift in any amount.

About to celebrate its 60th Anniversary, the Roanoke Symphony Orchestra remains a vital part of today’s Roanoke Valley and the Blue Ridge. The RSO’s mission has been supported and fulfilled each year since 1953. The RSO is supported by over 14,000 individuals who attend at least one concert / event each year, many of whom come back for multiple performances during the season, and by hundreds of individual donors who contribute monetarily beyond the purchase of tickets.

To make a contribution contact the RSO by phone at 540.343.6221 x.225 or send an email to C.W. Markham, Development Director, at [email protected]; or give online at  Contributions should be mailed to:  Roanoke Symphony Orchestra  |  541 Luck Avenue S.W., Suite 200  |  Roanoke, VA 24016.

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