Letter: Obama Does Little For Students


Dear Editor,

This week Vice President Biden was in Virginia speaking about making college affordable. This is quite ironic considering the fact that since President Obama has taken office, the cost of tuition at a four year in-state college has increased 25%. Furthermore, in Virginia the average college student graduates with $23,327 in student loan debt.

For someone who was so concerned with the youth in 2008, he has an interesting way of showing it.  Obama’s most recent plan for increasing college affordability has done next to nothing to address the problem; rather, it is simply pandering to get the youth vote. In fact, it is estimated that his proposals would save the average student less than $10 a month.

“If the President wants to help recent college graduates, why are 40% of us forced to move back in with our parents? Why is our unemployment rate still much higher than the national average?  Mr. President thanks, but no thanks. We don’t need your handouts. I’d rather elect a President who can fix the economy and reduce the size of government in order to get my generation back in the workforce.”

-Michael Cogar,  

Chairman – College Republican Federation of Virginia