Literacy To Hold Seventh Annual Scrabble Tourney

Scrabble players from last year’s event signal a winner.
Scrabble players from last year’s event signal a winner.

Blue Ridge Literacy (Formerly Literacy Volunteers) will hold its seventh annual Scrabble Tournament on Thursday, March 22. This year for the first time a daytime tournament will be offered, along with the regular evening event.

“We have grown to the point that it makes sense for us to offer a second opportunity for people who prefer daytime functions,” said Molly Bell, President of the Board of Blue Ridge Literacy. “Last year’s evening event was full, and we don’t want to limit the playing opportunities, so we’re now holding a second event earlier in the day, for folks who prefer not to come out at night, and even for people who want to play twice on Tournament day.”

According to Bell, almost 200 people attended the event last year.

The Scrabble Tournament will again be held in the Fitzpatrick Hall of the Jefferson Center. The daytime event begins with a luncheon at noon, with actual play starting at 12:45. The evening event opens with a light supper at 5:00, with play beginning at 6:00. Competition is through three-person teams. Persons can register as teams (many with very creative names) or as individuals, to be placed on teams.

All proceeds from the event are used by Blue Ridge Literacy in its mission to teach English reading and writing to area adults.

To register, or for more information, contact Blue Ridge Literacy at 265-9339.