“The Anonymous Rant . . .”


You know why I WILL NOT go on Facebook because I believe it feeds the self gratifying and narcissistic  nature found in us all. Also I know I will think negative thoughts about all the people  being “showy” on FB and I don’t want to think negative thoughts about people. I don’t want to be tempted to judge people I would otherwise enjoy. I want to love and like people and share thoughts on life, God and love with them. I want intimate one on one relationships with people where we use more than four words to reflect on the day and it’s beauty or struggles.

I don’t want to hear 300 or more “friends” tell me how great I look or how they like my pics of my trip to Disneyworld or how cute my kids are. I don’t want to see the results of a survey they did on how I drive a cool car and would not let people cheat off of me on a test. Or a survey on which Orange County Housewife I am most like – because I hope to God no such comparison could ever be made! It all seems a little like a flashback to High school. Do people really want to go back there? Isn’t life to be a progression, not a regression? Are we spending too much time back there on FB?

 I am sure there are redeeming qualities found in the FB experience but I believe it often may inform people in a way that pulls them away from God and REAL life. I wonder how we might be different or transformed if we used our free time more wisely and read a good book or walked in the woods or wrote down our thoughts on some big or little things in life or shared lunch and real conversation with a friend.

What if we began to believe that it does not matter so much who we are and how much praise we get but what really matters is who God is and how much praise we give Him. In seeing who God is we may begin to understand who we are and then maybe we would no longer thirst so desperately for the attention of others for we would be full of a confidence from God. Such a light would show us how very unique and beautiful we are but more importantly how beautiful others are and more than that how very beautiful the God who created us all is.

Facebook is like anything else – it is all in how you use it. Many people probably use it for great things and they are sharing in wonderful relationships with others. BUT I wonder if like we often find with television – the bad outweighs the good.

Like with cigarettes – I wonder if we would be better off without FB. A spade is a spade.

                     – A Roanoker 

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