Letter: Bell No Conservative


Dear Editor,

I strongly supported Brandon Bell the last time he ran as a challenger for the Senate, but was disappointed when his record in the Senate failed to live up to his campaign platform. He had campaigned as a conservative but he didn’t vote like one and regularly supported tax increases.

After he was defeated for re-election Bell was appointed to a university board by a Democratic Governor, then endorsed the Democratic nominee for Governor, and this year campaigned with a Democratic U.S. Senator and the Democratic Leader in the House of Delegates. Bell has even been endorsed by the liberal EV PAC, a pro-homosexual group, which didn’t even endorse Democratic Senators Roscoe Reynolds or Phil Puckett. Does Bell really expect us to fall for his claims of independent conservatism?

Senator Ralph Smith is a true conservative. He kept his promise not to raise taxes, has represented our region’s values, and worked with Governor Bob McDonnell. His approach to job creation is based on 40 years of private sector experience. I encourage your readers to join my family in voting to return Senator Ralph Smith to Richmond again.

 Sincerely, JB Mixon – Roanoke