Be Still And Know That I Am God – By Rev. Joseph P. Lehman

Before John Solomon Rarey’s “horse-whispering” technique was published in the 1870s, the only way to break a horse was by violence and force …. “by harsh words, a sharp whip, and cruel worrying.”  Rarey proved there was another way: a kinder and safer way both for the horse and the trainer.  His technique was gentle but firm, and respectful.

It consisted of strapping one of the horse’s legs.  This caused the horse to be off balance, hobble and quickly tire out. He then got the weary horse to lie down.  Once down, Rarey would gently stroke the horse while quietly talking to and praising the horse.  He would continue to do this until (s)he was thoroughly “convinced” that the trainer was master.  (If you read or saw “the Horse Whisperer” you might recognize that Tom Booker used Rarey’s method to tame Pilgrim.)

As Rarey demonstrated, even wild, ill-tempered, and victimized animals could be trained by his method.  Even the crazed could be tamed.

We, who are believers, could rightly say that God has tamed us.  We’ve might say we’ve been “whispered.” We are convinced of Who’s in charge and we know it’s not us.   And from the moment of our “conversion”- from the moment of our taming – our ears have been piqued to hear God’s voice so “we might do what God asks, in the way God asks,  for as long as God asks, because God asks it.” (CF, the Universal prayer of Pope Clement IX.)

This we do because God taught us to trust, because we have felt God’s touch and because we have known that God has remained at our sides – even and particularly in those times when we are off balance, and spent and when we are “grounded” by life.

These times with our taming God -“who is merciful and gracious, slow to anger, abounding in kindness and fidelity” – we need to recall time and again.

I know I need to recall them often.  It’s easy to become crazed and uncontrolled. When I get spooked, I sometimes buck and say or do things I wish I had not. And it’s all because I have forgotten whose I am and who I am.  (Self-control is actually being God-controlled, isn’t it?)

This is why I look forward to summertime when my calendar is less hectic and the sun is warm and the gardens are laden and lush with flowers and fruit.  In summer, my spirit rests…. And remembers…. That I am in good hands.   I’m in the finest of Hands!

Joe Lehman is the Pastor at Our Lady of Nazareth Catholic Church locatedat 2505 Electric Rd (Rte 419. Visit them on the web at:

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