Wild Bill’s Fearless Football Forecast


Well, readers, we made it through week one of the playoffs and one of our area teams advanced as North Cross submerged Hampton Roads Academy 37-0 to advance to the VISAA Division III final against Norfolk Christian. More about that game later in the predictions. Congratulations go out to Roanoke Catholic, who made a valiant run into the playoffs before falling to Richmond powerhouse Blessed Sacrament on the road.

This leaves us with four Roanoke-area teams still standing, with all four in action this week. My predictions for last week were 2-0 in the playoffs, but things start getting tougher as the cream comes to the top in the upcoming matchups. Let’s first get to this week’s mailbag, where an extra-point mishap gets some much needed attention . . .

Dear Wild Bill: With the football season winding down, what’s next for you guys? Do you have some kind of awards banquet?(Nancy/Moneta)

Answer: Well, Nancy, basketball is next. But, because those games are every night, a prediction column is tough in that sport. For us predictors, our big convention isn’t until late June when high school sports slow down. Rumor has it we may return to Hawaii or San Francisco next year. I usually won’t know until I get my vouchers from the RSS travel department. It’s not all pleasure, though. Last time we were in Maui I couldn’t even enjoy my bucket of Coronas under the palms without unending requests by surfers for wave-height predictions. And forget it in SF- everyone wants a guess on the next earthquake.

Dear Dr. Bill: Do you have any suggestions or remedies for my toenail fungus? (Myrtle/Rocky Mount)

Answer: No, no Myrtle! You sent your question to the football column. Your inquiry should have been directed to Dr. Pendyke, care of the foot CARE section. Lord have mercy.

Dear Wild Man: I know you’re not a lawyer, but I need advice. I took my wife to a game a couple of weeks ago. I’d always wanted to see what it looked like when an extra point sails through the uprights, so we wandered behind the end zone to get a better look. The kid shanked the attempt and hit my wife in the behind. Do you think I have any recourse? (Bobby/Clifton Forge)

Answer: Gosh, Bobby, I’m stumped on this one. My suggestion is to keep an eye on the injury, then call one of those TV numbers like “the hurtline.” Oh, and tell them you mean business. But stay in the stands next time. By the way, how did the ball make out?

Dear Wild One: Why don’t you have guest predictors in your column? I think I could top your record. (Harry/Roanoke)

Answer: Predictions are best left to us professionals. And, Harry, I don’t doubt that you can be 85% accurate–as long as you make your predictions after the games are over.

Send your inquires to: [email protected]

Now, let’s look at our four area playoff games for this week-

Magna Vista (10-1) visits Salem Stadium to battle the Spartans (7-3) 7:30, Friday. It’s always tough to go against Salem at home, but the Warriors look awfully strong and can score points in a hurry. Last week they had 42 by halftime, so the starters got a breather. Salem has struggled since the loss of Seth Fisher seemed to stagger their confidence. Magna Vista – 28    Salem – 17

The Golden Wave of Grundy (9-2 ) invades Bogle Stadium to take on Cave Spring (7-3) 7:30, Friday. Grundy looks good with the 9-2 mark until you see some of those wins came in places with names like Pilgrims Knob, Lick Creek and Hurley. No doubt, Grundy will have some big boys – but this is like a choo-choo against a fighter squadron captained by Woodrum, Wright, Cole and Company. Out on the limb I go; no contest here. The big city is too much for Grundy.

Cave Spring – 42    Grundy – 7

Defending state champion Northside (9-1) is at Jim Hickam Field to take on the Brookville Bees (10-1) 7:30, Friday. Northside has the experience and the size up-front. Brookville has scored over 40 points in 7 of its wins this season with an offense that’s explosive. Home field is worth a lot, but the swarming Bees may have too much sting. This one should be very close.    Brookville – 35     Northside – 34

North Cross ( 8-3 ) goes for the VISAA Division III crown on the road against Norfolk Christian Academy (10-1) at ODU’s Powhatan Field in Norfolk – 7:00 Friday. The Raiders are road tested this season with two games in North Carolina and this being their third trip across state to the Eastern shore. Stephen Alexander has the Raiders peaking at the right time and defensive coordinator Shannon Taylor has that side of the ball clicking, as evidenced by the 37-0 pasting of Hampton Roads last week. The new roundabout on Colonial Ave. is in place just in time for the parade.

North Cross – 38    Norfolk Christian – 13