Roanoke Fair Tax Group Will Travel to Washington


Most of us are deep into one of the more detested tasks we have to perform: completing and filing our federal income tax returns.  No civilized nation should put its citizens through this process to support their government!  As a long time advocate for the FairTax, I have written in these pages on its benefits.

An important event will take place on Tax Day, April 15th – the date we associate with the end of this significant period of misery.  Operation FairTax Victory, a two-day national event in Washington, DC, will bring citizen support for the FairTax to the Nation’s Capitol.

On April 15th there will be a “Storm The Hill” rally, in which supporters will approach their Congressional representatives in their offices in a very visible media event to demand their support for the FairTax bill (H.R. 25) and for its consideration during the upcoming Congressional session.  We will rally on the south lawn of the Capitol beginning at 9 am.

On April 16th there will be speakers and workshops/seminars to provide education, training, and techniques so attendees can better promote the FairTax within their home states.

Speakers for the session include: Mr. Terry Stockham, COO of Americans for FairTaxation (AFFT) (the originators of the FairTax proposal); Mr. Leo Linbeck, Chairman of AFFT (a major force in the creation of the proposal); Dr. Lawrence Kotlikoff, Professor of Economics, Boston University (instrumental in the development of the proposal), on “Economics of the FairTax”; Pastor David Whitney, constitutional scholar, Institute on the Constitution, “Constitutional Fair Taxation”; and Mr. Clyde Prestowitz, author, “Three Billion Capitalists….”

The workshops/seminars include: “Social Networking Online” and “Legislative Lobbying,” presented by the Leadership Institute; “Grass Routes,” presented by Grass Roots Freedom Riders – help plan the route for the Grass Roots Freedom Ride for the  FairTax; and a video/discussion of the book, “So Damn Much Money,” by Robert Kaiser, led by Phil Hanson, AFFT Eastern Regional Director.

This is a big effort, organized by FairTax Nation, to join together individual FairTax supporters and enthusiasts into a movement that will drive the FairTax bill into the mainstream of Washington politics.  We should give it all the support we can manage.  We hope to register 1,000 volunteers nationwide.  For the complete agenda, look at:

– Donald A. Koop, Roanoke