Goodlatte Doesn’t Consider All the Facts


In response to Bob Goodlatte’s article on 2/12/10 about President Obama titled Spends Too Much, Taxes Too Much and Borrows Too Much.

Bob, why should investors and fund managers who make Millions  pay a maximum of 15% when those who have to work and produce pay up to 35%? President Obama wants to repeal these and other tax cuts for the wealthy, that Bush signed into law.

An article in the Roanoke Times 6/22/08 cited that this move would bring in 2.5 trillion dollars. But I believe we are fooling ourselves if we believe that we can fund two wars that have cost trillions and save Social Security and Medicare, without new taxes.

I say let’s all pay our fair share starting with the wealthy who, by the way, are closely connected to Congress and the Senate. Add a small amount each year to everyone’s taxes. It seems to me that this would be a very patriotic thing for all to do since as Americans we are all in this together. Warren Buffet said recently that his secretary paid a larger percentage of her income than he did and he was an advocate of the change. And so our new president has to borrow just as the last president did to fund two wars and try to fix a collapsed economy.

So Congressman Goodlatte instead of telling us what others might be doing wrong, tell us what you are doing right and give up the smoke screen tactics.

-Ray Stone, Roanoke