Community Service for Alfred Dowe?


One of the most despicable acts of crime is that of an elected official who would turn around and steal from those who put their faith and trust in electing them to govern.

Alfred Dowe has been shown nothing but despicable favoritism from day one through his “so called” community service.  For him to not even have spent one week-end in jail shows how favoritism was rampant throughout the entire,  so called, judicial process through to his community service.

I guess I have a mistaken belief that “community service” was so supposed to be a form of punishment.  What Dowe has been forced to do in his “so called” community service  is tantamount to punishing a teenager by sending him to his room with his Ipod, computer, Xbox, cell phone and a box full of candy.

The even more laughable quote in the Roanoke Times article was from his attorney that Dowe said, “out of respect for the process, Dowe declined an interview with the newspaper until at least May 2011, when he is scheduled to complete two years of probation”

Like all politicians, golfers, rich and famous, what 12 step program will he be rushing out to join as an excuse?

There is no better time than now for the good citizens of Roanoke to hear from Mr. Dowe as to why he was so desperate for money that he cheated his city and state. The man took an oath of office to uphold the Constitution of the United States of American and our Commonwealth let him off with a mere slap on the wrist.

For repentance and forgiveness, we the people he stole from need to understand what we are forgiving if Mr. Dowe wants to have this behind him some day.

-E. Duane Howard