Republicans in “Dry Dock”

A “Glossary List Look” at the Republican Party When it’s Not in Power

Supply & Resupply. Conservativism in America runs in cycles. Led by Ronald Reagan in the late 1970’s, it solidified and drew on the inherent strength of American people’s core beliefs. Through the Republican Party it carried this into the mid-1990.  But beginning roughly with the 1998 elections, most Republican leaders began to depart from Reaganite ideas. This weak resupply line caused its fleet vessels to fall into disrepair due to Political Correctness. Is “Neutrality” what moderate Republicans hope for? And do moderates stand for specific beliefs during any time but in the end?

Retro-fitting. National and state Republican leaders have begun rebuilding and certainly retrofitting. Those courageous leaders that have adhered to conservative ideas have done well, especially recently against liberals. Furthermore, during and after their 2008 Convention many, many republicans reacted very positively to the selection of Governor Sarah Palin as the running mate for John McCain. One reason conservatism has begun an upswing is because of resistance of citizens to larger governmental control.

Guidance System. Liberals and some “moderate” Republicans have both reacted negatively to Palin because she threatens their power. However most Americans know she is strong of character; focuses on truth and facts; and resonates very directly and soundly — especially with the vast middle-America. She is a true conservative and this powers her efforts. She is also experienced; “in tune”; and has a clear, informed voice that can speak over the heads of biased and liberal media — just as Reagan did, in humble authority.

Propulsion System. The power of America has eroded considerably. The reasons are many: A major one was the great need that 80% of us feel in becoming energy independent. Polls continually show very high percentages of citizens finally want to resume utilizing our fantastically large oil and gas deposits stateside.

Scuttling . This is when a sea vessel is purposely sunk by her own crew as ordered by the Captain. This may be when the crew’s safety is on the line; when destruction is imminent; or in some cases, when there is a threat of the ship falling into the hands of a nearby enemy.

“Captain Palin.” Why have a small number of “moderate” Republicans tried to “Scuttle” such a promising young conservative leader-figure by pinning on her blame for defeat of the ticket? She threatens their power. In turn, the liberal media also has tried to use this divisiveness as leverage as usual.

Actually Palin has not been scuttled, but she herself has scuttled a starkly unfair news media that had tried to shackle her.

She cited good reasons to resign her governorship: 1) Time and money consuming defense of frivolous and invalid lawsuits; 2) and to be free to speak out for conservatism more directly with the thousands and thousands of like-minded people. This has resulted in a following of millions.

Away from public office she recently impacted the national health proposals by correctly calling out and effectively rendering the “death squad” (euthansia) provisions to be removed.

“Will the Republican Party ever learn its lesson, that sacrificing principles to win elections doesn’t win election?”


D. Phillips was an active duty U.S. Marine officer (1971-75) serving part of that time aboard navy ships. He works in Roanoke in environmental engineering and water treatment.

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