Red Hat Society’s Mission is Fun, Fellowship, Service

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Red Hat Society members pose with a generous contribution to the SPCA.
Red Hat Society members pose with a generous contribution to the SPCA.

The Red Hat Society is an international membership organization for ladies, age 60-plus.

“We spend our pension on Brandy and summer gloves, satin sandals and have no money for butter. We sit on the pavement, gobble up samples in the store, press alarm buttons and run a stick along the fence. We go out in the rain in our slippers, pick flowers from other peoples’ gardens, wear terrible shirts and eat fat sausages. We hoard pencils, pens and beer mats,” explained Red Hat member, Marilyn Morehead.

According to Moorhead, the Red Hat Society was started with a writing from Jenny Joseph, stating, “when I am an old woman, I shall wear purple with a red hat which doesn’t go and doesn’t suit me.”

“Our main objective is just to have fun wherever we find it or make it,” Moorhead said.

Moorehead’s group, “The Honey Bees,” celebrated recently with a party at Mamma Maria’s restaurant in Salem. The only admittance fee was a request by the hostesses to bring dog, cat, kitty and/or puppy food and treats. The ladies responded, bringing several pounds of  pet food. The treasures collected were all donated to the Roanoke SPCA.

“The Honey Bees” consider member Jalene Buck their “queen mum.”

“We are very fortunate to have her, and the other 20 ladies, in the group. We have ladies from all backgrounds from teachers, accountants, homemakers, in administration work and all religious choices. We do not discriminate,” Moorehead said. “We do volunteer work at the RAM House, the Rescue Mission and each year we have a Christmas project. The past two years have included gifts for all the residents at Hollins Manor Assisted Living. This past Christmas we gave a monetary donation to RAM House.”

The members consider themselves blessed to have “lived long enough to belong to this group.”

“We wear our purple dresses, red hats, and enjoy what life has to offer. Wherever we go, if there are red hats, there are no strangers,” Moorhead said.

By Pam Rickard
[email protected]