School Board Votes on Vacant School Buildings


The Roanoke City School Board made a decision on what to do with the empty William Ruffner Middle School and Raleigh Court Elementary School. They voted ‘yes’ on the two proposals that affect the future of the buildings.

In the proposal for William Ruffner, the plan includes building a warehouse on top of the asphalt baskeball court, demolishing the cafeteria, and moving administrative departments like employee health services and maintenance operations into the building.

The plan for the Raleigh Court Elementary School building includes using it for culinary arts classrooms. In the meantime, they will search foralternative uses for the building.

“Alternatively, if there are not [other uses], then we will have a discussion as to whether it’s suitable to raze the building,” said Deputy Superintendent Curt Baker.

If the building is razed, it will be used for playing fields. The vote was unanimous for the Raleigh Court decision. The next step, according to School Board Chairman, David Carson, is “execution.” The plans will move forward right away and will continue over the next couple years.

Fleming Administration Officials Depart

The School board also accepted the retirements of two William Fleming administrators and transferred a guidance counselor to a new position at James Madison Middle School – all of whom were involved in the school’s testing manipulation scandal. One retiring official is taking the early retirement option (EROP), which is open to all employees who qualify for it based on age and service while the other retiree did not qualify for EROP. No further information was available at press time relative to what if any other compensation was offered to the two retiring officials. The transferred guidance counselor accepted a substantial cut in pay in taking the new position at Madison. There was no further discussion on the fate of embattled Fleming Principal Susan Willis.

Information from media partner, WSLS-10