Roanoke Catholic Students Compete in “Boosterthon”

The Fun Run at Roanoke Catholic was also a fundraiser.

The Fun Run at Roanoke Catholic was also a fundraiser.
The Fun Run at Roanoke Catholic was also a fundraiser.

Roanoke Catholic School held what certainly appeared to be a popular fundraiser on its campus last week. The “Boosterthon Fun Run” featured two tracks for lower school students, who were separated by age, with upper school students encouraging them from the sidelines.

Meanwhile, incredibly cheerful and amped up young people from the Georgia-based “Boosterthon” organization egged on students that ran as many as 35 laps in order to complete the mile circuit. At one point, they were asked to square dance while circling the track.  At another juncture they were asked to “high five your mom,” since many parents were on hand for the festivities. “Today the students are making a difference for their school,” shouted one of the announcers.

Roanoke Catholic students, who prepared for the fun run in gym classes, expected to raise more than $30,000 in pledges and sponsorships, according to RC parent Rana Sass, who had encountered the “Boosterthon” organization before coming to the valley.

“We have plans to do it again next year,” Sass said. She noted the goal for each lap was $100 per class.

Sass said Roanoke Catholic was the first school anywhere in Virginia to use the “Boosterthon” group. Members of the group were present in classrooms all week, attempting to encourage the students. Other schools asked to come by and check it out, said Sass, who has a 4th and 7th grader at the school.

“The kids are so excited … they couldn’t wait for this day,” Sass said. One told her he had awoken in the middle of the night before, thinking about the fun run.

“Dream Big” was the theme of this year’s inaugural fun run.

“It’s a great idea,” said Roanoke Catholic development director Debbie Stump. “[The students] have been awesome.”