Thankful for Special Olympics and Her Son

2016 Special Olympics Virginia (800x555)My son, Jerry Wu, was one of the athletes at Special Olympics Area 8 to be chosen to go to state games on June 10, 11 &12, 2016 for his bowling in Richmond, Virginia.
Friday, June 10 at 7:30 am. I brought him to the Towers Mall beside of Dunkin Donuts to ride with the ABBOTT bus to Richmond. Athletes were housed on the campus of University of Richmond. I said “good luck and bye” to Jerry in the bus.
Saturday, June 11. I found Janice’s family to drive my car to Richmond. We arrived at the University of Richmond. All of the athletes had already left. We went to Bowl America to find my son, and Janice went to the swimming location to see her son.
I saw Jerry at Bowl America and Sandy, a coach at Special Olympics Area 8. She told Jerry to tell me how he did yesterday for bowling. “Number One” Wow! Awesome! Jerry won a gold medal in division competitions. See! Jerry had a smiling face while he stood on podium (highest) beside all of the athletes. I am so proud of him. I stayed half day with him at Robin Center of the University in Richmond.
Sunday, June 12. I went to the Towers Mall to pick up Jerry. I saw Jerry’s smiling face with his gold medal on his neck. He is my special son.
The Special Olympics Athletes Oath is, “Let me win, but if I can not win, let me be brave in the attempt.”
Thanks to God for our safety travel and coach, players, families, friends, volunteers, my co-workers and those who support Special Olympics Area 8, for we had a wonderful Special Olympics Virginia!
Annie Lin