Supervisor Ed Elswick Speaks at Citizen Forum

Roanoke businessman Ssunny Shah (L) and Ed Elswick.
Roanoke businessman Ssunny Shah (L) and Ed Elswick.

Roanoke County Board of Supervisor member Ed Elswick, of the Windsor Hills Magisterial District, spoke at a recent citizen’s forum about his recent accomplishments and what the future holds for Roanoke County citizens.

He was invited to speak at the Ramada Inn Conference Center on Franklin Road by the owner, Ssunny Shah.  Shah is a long time resident of the Windsor Hills district and he and other local business owners, as well as Windsor Hills residents, gathered to talk with Elswick about pro-business issues and how he can help fix their problems.

Elswick is a 28 year resident of Bent Mountain and has served for the last four years on the Board.  He is running for re-election this November as an Independent.  He ran and won his first election as a Republican, but chose to run for re-election as an Independent, as he feels the Board should not be politicized and should represent every citizen.  “At this level of government, party labels don’t matter, it is the way and quality of life that matter,” said Elswick. 

“I am on the road every day, seeing people and their flooded basements, their backed up sewers and other problems, and I can see the impact I have on people.  I have the brains and the ability to get things done,” stated Elswick.  “I just want to maintain a decent way of life for Roanoke County citizens.”

Elswick is working on growing tourism with hopes in the future to lower the tax rate while the tax revenue increases with new business.  He says he is pro-business, pro-tourism, a fiscal conservative and frugal in all money matters.

He commented on the County’s recent purchase of some brand new furniture.  “The county has better furniture than I do.  They have less mileage on their cars than most citizens.  There are over 400 take home vehicles, with your tax dollars paying for their gas.  The county does not have to have top notch stuff.”

He is proud of the Board’s work in getting a new Glenvar library built and the improvements at South Peak.

He wants to see more civic leagues formed in the neighborhoods so people can keep in touch with the Board.  He wants to turn Explore Park into a tourist attraction using little tax dollars and more volunteers.  He hopes to issue a countywide “Citizen Survey” for input to guide the Board on what people want most, with specific issues and dollar amounts listed.  The current board won’t let it happen, so he hopes after this year’s elections the Board will get new members who will want and encourage citizen input.

He is currently working on a property rights resolution for county residents, working against Agenda 21 and ICLEI, and for prayer at Board meetings. 

“My job is to make sure your money is well spent,” said Elswick.  You can learn more by visiting his website,

– Carla M. Bream