New Spay Neuter Clinic – “It’s Hip to Snip”

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by Valerie Garner

Lynda-Sue Napier with her dog Sophie get attention at the clinic’s Grand Opening.

Last week Mountain View Humane held a Grand Opening for its new Roanoke location at 5363 Peters Creek Road. “The Sabrina & Lucky Garvin Spay Neuter Clinic” was previously occupied by Nationwide Insurance and has undergone an over $400,000 makeover said Executive Director Kelly Cass.

The makeover gave them the opportunity to layout the clinic to maximize flow and efficiency. Between the two clinics they have 40 full and part-time employees. “Most of the full-time staff are medical,” said Cass. “We have great volunteers who have medical backgrounds too.”

An open house was held last Thursday and on Monday the clinic dedicated in honor of local physician (and Roanoke Star columnist) Lucky Garvin and wife Sabrina began performing their first surgeries. There were three patients spending the night there already.

The clinic is an extension of The Waldron-Ricci Spay Neuter Clinic in Christiansburg that will celebrate their 10,000th surgery soon. Services are provided to the SPCA and rescue organizations at reduced rates. Their services are open to anyone and everyone said Corrie Prater, Director of Marketing and Development. Though primarily a spay and neuter clinic they do offer vaccinations, microchipping and nail clipping – all done at the time of surgery.

Sophie, a rescue dog, and her owner Lynda-Sue Napier, Practice Manager were the official greeters at the opening. Sophie wore an official Mountain View Humane T-shirt and lapped up all the attention she could handle.

They are open Monday through Thursday. A pet can be left in the morning and picked up the next day. Thursday’s are for pediatric animals said Prater. “They don’t take as long to come out of anesthesia so we can send them home the same day.”

Trapped feral cats can be brought in at a discounted rate and are housed separately. “We will help you on how to get them trapped,” said Prater.

The shiny glass enclosed surgery room has three new surgical tables that cost $2500 each, the anesthesia machines were $2800 and oxygen level sensors $800. “We have great donors,” said Cass. That was evident on the lobby wall plaques at the entrance.

“As long as you’ve got the subsidy funds for people who can’t pay the full price it can actually be self supporting,” she said.

Medical director Meghan Byrnes oversees three veterinarians between both locations. It only takes one and one-half minutes for Byrnes to perform a cat neuter. The goal is to perform 30-35 a day said Prater. After each surgery the animals get a “green tattoo.” The tattoo to prevent second unnecessary surgeries when animals change hands or a feral cat is caught a second time.

Each animal after surgery gets special handling. They are wrapped in a blanket with a microwave-warmed tube sock filled with rice and placed on a warm mattress. Of the long list of donation items needed, blankets, cleaner, cat and dog food were at the top. “We always need tube socks,” she said.

There is a whole room filled with washers and dryers. “Every animal that comes in gets their own set of surgical equipment, blankets, towels and drapes. Everything gets washed on a constant basis.”

The garage, once used by Nationwide, sold them on the location and their new transport truck, donated by  Oakey’s Pet Funeral Home and Crematory, is their pride and joy. It makes loading and unloading animals in inclement weather much easier. The truck sports the slogan “Take the Hip-to-Snip Trip.” It is used for rescue organization transport and as advertising for free animal transfers at parking lots. The group is happy to pick up a pet and bring them back free of charge.

Check out the $20 special for pit bull spay and neutering going on now:


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